About Us

Caley lives in Kansas City, KS with her favorite person on earth for eleven years now and her precious miracle, Emma, who is three (and a half).

Caley and Jay walked through four years of infertility due to complications on both parts and were given less than 3% chance to get pregnant naturally. In 2014, after Caley sought doctors for what she thought were back-to-back ulcers, the flu, and the stomach virus, they were shocked and beyond thrilled to find out they were in fact expecting.

They thought their infertility story was over, but it turns out, it's a continuation. They are now almost three years into secondary infertility. Their daughter Emma prays nightly for a baby brother or sister.

Caley's passion for encouraging women walking through similar journeys started in 2013 with her first infertility public announcement and blog launch. Over the years she's had the privilege of encouraging and praying for countless women as they've shared their stories.

In 2015, The Porterbox, jewelry that tells your story, was born from her desire to encourage women walking through difficult moments in their life by giving them tangible reminders of God's promises to them.

In 2018, Caley launched a podcast called Joy and Infertility where she interviews guests about their fertility journey and how they have joy, even in infertility. Find the podcast here.

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